Barre Studio Policies

Reservations & Waitlist

  • We highly recommend reserving classes online in order to guarantee your spot in class.
  •  If you’d like to attend a class that is full, please put yourself on the waitlist. As soon as a spot opens up in class, you will receive an email/text notification. Please reply to the email immediately whether you can attend or not. Your spot in class is not guaranteed until you confirm.
  • When you arrive at the studio, please check-in at the front desk. Reservations will be honored only up to the start of class. If you do not arrive prior to the start of class, your reservation will be given away to anyone on the waitlist.
  • If you are on the waitlist for an early morning class, please call the studio before class or sign up for text message notifications to be sure of whether or not you made it into the class.

Cancellations & No-shows

  • If you cannot attend class, cancel your class online or call the studio at least half an hour before class to avoid being charged for a no-show.
  • If you are using a class package, a no-show results in a loss of that class. If you are using a membership package, your account will be charged $10 for a no-show.
  • Remember: failing to cancel at least half an hour before class begins will count as a no-show.

Late Arrival to Class

  • First time students may not enter a class late. We request that all new clients arrive 10 minutes early for their first class.
  • Returning students may enter an ongoing class up to, but not after, 10 minutes into class for a 60-minute class and 5 minutes for a 45-minutes class.
  • Upon entering class late, please lift your knees 30 times to warm up before joining in.

Class Attire

  • Please wear exercise pants/leggings that cover your knees, a top that covers the midriff, and socks that cover the entire foot (grip socks are highly recommended).
  • Students may bring their own socks from home, or purchase socks with sticky grips at the studio.

Studio Etiquette

  • Please do not bring glass or uncapped drinks into the exercise studios. Capped water bottles are allowed.
  • Please do not bring cell phones into the exercise studio. You may ask the front desk manager to keep your phone for you during class if you are expecting a very important phone call. Otherwise, store it in the lockers with the rest of your belongings.
  • Please do not chew gum in the exercise studio.
  • We provide towels without charge. Please leave your towel in the hamper on your way out.
  • Disruptive students may be asked to leave. Please be respectful of fellow students and your instructor.

Pregnant Clients

  • First-time students who are pregnant must speak with owner Sarah Stabio for clearance before scheduling their first class.
  • New and continuing pregnant students must provide the front desk with a note from their doctor allowing them to take strengthening and stretching classes.
  • Pregnant clients always have the option to leave prior to abdominal work, which begins approximately 45 minutes into class.
  • Refer to Pregnant Or Post Natal for detailed modification information.

Age Restrictions

  • No clients are admitted before they reach 16 years of age.
  • Clients under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Illness & Injuries

  • Please notify our front desk staff and instructors of any illness or injury that may impact your ability to exercise. In some cases, a doctors note may be required to allow you to take class.

Kids Club

  • Clients who bring children under age 8 must place them in the childcare room during class. Children may not play or climb on the stall bars and other exercise equipment located in the main studio.
  • You can make reservations for childcare using the Bar Method app, online, by phone or in person. When reserving by phone, please indicate your name, the time of the class you plan to attend, and the name and age of your child(ren).
  • Childcare costs $6 for a single visit, $8 for a double visit, and $10 for a triple visit; discounts are available with the purchase of Kids Club punch cards. Onsite childcare is available during our morning classes Monday through Friday and on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.
  • Please leave shoes, diaper bags and coats outside of the Kids Club entrance and use hand gel before entering the childcare space.